The conundrum of multitasking to get more done in less time


Is it possible to multitask, produce quality work, and meet deadlines?

Many managers expect you to multitask. In fact, multitasking is required skill in most job descriptions.

If a careerist has poor multitasking skills, then she is encouraged to focus on time management and prioritizing.

Last year, I researched  software and gadgets for project management and time management.

In my quest, I found some pretty cool gadgets out there besides Microsoft Project or Visio.

As usual, my curiosity led me down another path.

What is the truth about multitasking and time management?

  1. Multi-tasking decreases your productivity.
  2. Multi-tasking and constant email checking do not mix. Check emails at scheduled times, but not all day!
  3. Making the most of everyday is possible if your priorities are right.
  4. Multi-tasking increases stress.
  5. Maintaining order and balance promotes peace and productivity.

Although, this truth may set you free (mentally), the reality is that in most work environments, multitasking is your job. You will receive a gold star or smiley face for your juggling skills. If you are a one or two tasks at a time worker, consider another employer or job type where that approach will be appreciated.  Good luck finding one!


One thought on “The conundrum of multitasking to get more done in less time

  1. You’re right, I spend so much time reading e-mails ang giving replies. I always think there’s something urgent in my inbox but the truth is most e-mails don’t require immediate reply.

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